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This is Nancy Seino, Designer and owner of label Aju B Couture.
Welcome to my blog and to being a part of a journey that only God knows where it would take me.Remember to always check back and wish me luck on my journey.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

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Afric'Art: Sika Designs -Labyrinth Collection

by MsAidyl
The Ghanaian label and London-based Sika Designs recently released their new  S/S 2012 collection named Labyrinth. Since 2006, Phyllis Taylor who is the brain behind the designs has been really consistent  with the kind of designs she puts out. I applaud her genius because each collection she puts out gives us butterflies and gets people talking. African-inspired designs [...]
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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hey dolls, just wanted to let you all know that right now im in the production stage of my fabulous new designs and if you have any special request do send and i would be waiting for you all to patronise me.

Monday, 23 April 2012

playing with colours

This past saturday was my ex-student association meeting,PEMEXA so i ha to look fierce for the part.I attended with my friend Kah Fonkam who joined in in the pants revolution.How do u love our outfit.
 This pics as well were taken like two weeks ago when i went to visit in Buea,Cameroon.I also am a fan of the denim shirt trend so of course i had to have one.
I love this picture.It was taken like two weeks ago on Easter Sunday at church. I guess we can say i started the Easter looking fabulous.

style alert:Falone Tem

 Hey dolls i didn't want to be conceited by starting my blog with a picture of myself so i chose one of my very fashion forward friends Falone Tem who embodies the meaning of style.Her yellow pleeted skirt is to die for and bag too.

Hey peeps

Hi, i'm Nancy Seino and welcome to my blog. I will be giving you everything about entertainment from music,fashion to movies and especially my fashion cuz i happen to be a budding designer and you all are taking part in my growth. Thanks and make sure u like me