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This is Nancy Seino, Designer and owner of label Aju B Couture.
Welcome to my blog and to being a part of a journey that only God knows where it would take me.Remember to always check back and wish me luck on my journey.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Yellow n Pink: A must do

Is strange how yday i actually doned a yellow shirt n pink belt n today on artbecomesyou.com Idylle posted all thes pics of pple doning the colour.Well it warmed my heart n i wanted to share it w you guyz
 btw yellow is soo my favorite color
i just realised that recently i have fallen in love w blue eye shadow. I dunno if its the colour craze or just a new love?
nothing but love for dis

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Whats a Weekend Without Spending it With Friends

Hey dolls, when weekend comes we all give a shout of hurray but whats a weekend without friends? Boring!!!!! So this weekend my friend n i hung out together and ofcourse there where pictures taken.

Pleeted skirt? Check! pink shoes? check! n to die for jacket? check not forgetting my white top? check n check!!!!!!!!!! and oh Keagan from BBA on the screen? Check!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 25 May 2012


Hey dolls, u know the most amazing thing about running a now smale scale business? Is that your friends are your greatest supporters and one of my dolls bought this shirt which i so loved and i wanted to share them pics with you all.

ow! i so love this pose it brings out the beauty of this shirt n btw nobody wud have worn it better than her.Trust me

How fierce is this AjuB shirt?

Well thats not all i have to offer today? I kinda have been in need of a photographer these days being lonely n all n so if i arent taking pics using a timer my mirror has been suffering so...............
Hmm not bad my timer!


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Last week.....................

Last week started of being really great and then ended up with a lot of disappointments. I finally didn go for my P square concert. What a shocker! After all the preparations and i even made a yellow skirt wc btw is on sale and its to die for.But that didn stp me from canoning my way thru the week and i hpe you enjoy dis new collection of pics.
that pic was probably the last of that day after my girl n i had taken a montage round yde
there's one of my besties we were on our way for a tour round yde
i decided to keep it simple w de sun doing danger to my coplxion w a cos gown/top n diesel belt n de rest u know.........;
This day ended with us goin to eat ice cream after a blistering day under the sun n rain
vanilla flavour n chocolate yummy!

i was beat
The next day was a tiring day too as i well started sewing n came back late n then de dissapointments startd
i love dis pic
i was dressed like this in my One Street denim shrt n Aju B skirt preping for Psquare concert.It was a windy day
It was about to rain one disappointment
n btw my shoes are by Jessica Simpson love 'em
Aju B skirt love it

I guess im done for now.Ciao n lov u dolls

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Modelling 101 in Aju B

The other day some of my very fun smalls came to visit me while i was in Buea and one happens to be a model so u can guess what happened next.Ofcourse we took random pics i wud love to call modelling 101 pics.

This is Afor Tumban pple she is a model and wud soon be taking the world over and of course she came to support my dream. How cute is that skirt on her.It is my own
Afor cam w my sexy friend Samyra and they both rockes this Aju B skirt and trousers wc btw i so love.
how cute does Samyra look in her outfit? i so love de ankara i.e Aju B mix w de cute jacket
i so love dis gown n it looked better ton de person who bought it. im kinda proud of myself

dont you think she is going places? and she even mastered the firece Tyra look n ofcourse in Aju B
Now this is a model. i wish u all the best honey n dolls hope you enjoyed this gallery as much as i did creating it.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Megan in Aju B

hey dolls, its a bright and sunny day out here in buea and trust me u donot want to go out into the sun.Well last nyte one of my stylish friends doned  Aju B for her stroll on campus n i wanted to share her pic cuz i was happy when i bumped into her.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fun During the Jeux Universitaire

Hey dolls, i know that the university games, which took place in Buea,Cameroon isnt over but i wanted to share some fun pics i took during this period n some while rocking AjuB.There was a lot of creativity and fun stuff going on here, n honestly its like 1am and it feels like 3pm in the afternoon.

                  Lemme start with some pics of me doning Aju B 
Enough with my cute Aju B shorts n chain now into the games proper

i dunno what parade this was by IENJS but i guess it was some kinda ritual in preparation for their match.And that not all as they were others

some exhibition by anoda skul
i just had to havw fun with this elephant built to represent all the universities and institutions taking part in the games.

Even Christianity was displayed during the games as i found young girls preaching the word of God.Believe me! i was soo impressed cuz God is the ultimate.
 drama came to life at the Games as the was a live performance by 'i dunno the skul' and it was fun

of course we had to have fun and thats one of my besties Nadine she came alon w me for de ride.

i had to get in in the gaming spirit lol

ofcourse i won a meagre 300frs but it was fun
and finally cotton candy time lol!.Hope you all had fun as much as i did reding this n i will update you on others.Bye dolls mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Aju B in the Streets

Hey dolls of course i have started sales and i want to thank you all cuz it has been amazing so far.So i wanted to give you all the opportunity to see some of the stuff i designed.Hope you like

of course my friend Kah had to be the first to buy from the new line.Love you dear.Well hope u oves it and theres more from where that came from

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sneak Peek into my new line

Its been a long wait i know but finally its here.My new line but i wudn just give you all the stuff just yet i wud give it in bits but you all my faithful followers wud be the first to see it. This chains were handmade by yours truly and i can say they are my blood and sweat so i hope you like them and call me 96414414 if you need some.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Happy Bday Genevieve Nnaji

Last year our African Goddess of the big screen celebrated her bday in London with the likes of Dbanj in her entourage (who btw was rumoured to have a relationship with n in wc i wouldn't mind considering his latest success in his #olivertwist number).This year, i can't wait to see where the celebrations will be taking place but while waiting for that i just want to say to my favourite actress of all time,the sole reason i watch Nigerian movies, which i hardly watch except she is in it, i just want to say a big HAPPY BDAY and the Almighty God who has been seeing you thru will continue to carry you thru n btw i wanna be like you when i grow up.Lol!!!!!!!! Love you Genny,Nancy

Food For Thought

Someone just gave me a very sane advice.I told this wise person i was preparing my new designs ryt now n he said "look more on the inside thn the outside.
there's more the world hsnt seen yet
All the best!" This is probably the biggest truth i have heard in a while.For truly people pay more attention nowadays to the appearance of things and fail to remember than ther is something from within we need to look at.We love fashion, yes! but it doesn't mean we should go overboard in our fashion choices for we shud also remember "fashion is fate but style is eternal". So today while going thru your wardrope and trying to pick what to wear think of this advice above and know that you are more beautiful from the inside and ofcourse i will be thinking that as i prep for my new line wc btw hasn't had a name yet. Any suggestions? Love you dolls,
                                                                                                                                                  Aju B

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Last weekend..............

This past weekend was a little boring but it didn stop me from picture taking.I tried to look as simple as possible.Hope i earned the being simple and responsible looking point from you guyz
                                                    i love my maybe fake chanel bag