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This is Nancy Seino, Designer and owner of label Aju B Couture.
Welcome to my blog and to being a part of a journey that only God knows where it would take me.Remember to always check back and wish me luck on my journey.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Louis Vuitton, je t'aime.

I know its not brand new cuz i cannot afford brand new.But its Louis Vuitton n i love it.I bought in from these guyz who sell fairly used goods and frankly i haven't had the chance to wear it but i just wanted to share w you all my Louis Vuitton moments

Weekend In Douala

Have you ever planned a trip to another town on the weekend only to find out the person/people you are going to see suddenly travelled out of town leaving you stuck in a different city with no money n no where to go? Well that happened to me this weekend, and how i got myself out of this fix this weekend is still a mystery i haven't solved myself.
Anyways i came to Douala for a visit and though it didn't turn out as i expected(life never is), i still got to have fun thanks to someone who knows someone.Well while im trying to sort out my relationship woes (i.e finding out if i can have one finally) i want to share these pictures which i took with my friend at BOJ in Bonanjo,Douala wc are amazeballs ,the place and the pics.
At Boj in Bonanjo,Douala
me on the phone with my bestie Nadine who took almost all my time in grinding
The artwork at this place is soo amazing i had to show you guyz
People having fun at the bar
This place soo my kinda place,not too noisy just classy, not rowdy and best of all plays good music
Me and a good friend who helped me out Nde Donald
Shoes:Jessica Simpson
I'm soo loving this Lipstick from #Jacklyn soo sexy.Anyways this all i had time too i had to leave space for sipping on my cocktail n snacks.Goin back to Yaounde tomorrow till then good day n God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Sahndra Fon dufe in AjuB Couture

I know its been ages since i last posted to you all dolls.But i have a very good excuse for that, i think.Ok! i have been stressed out and been on the move for the past month plus im preparing for a concour thus giving me no time for you guyz.Hope you accept my apology.
 You guyz know Sahndra Fondufe ryt? she is a Cameroonian Actress causing waves in the states with her movie Yefon.She is the recent client to AjuB Couture and actually wore my design for Nigeria Entertainment Award.How kool is that?So i got some pics of her in all the Aju B wears she bought
Here is Sahndra at the New York Fashion week dressed in Aju B trousers and necklace.She looks great and nice colour matchup
Here is Sahndra supporting her co-star Uti Nwachukwu at the NEAs dressed in AjuB Couture.Must say AjuB looks good on her.
How gorgeous is she? Aju B Couture dress
Sahndra in AjuB jacket at an interview with Isaiah Washington.She is going places people
So to support her movie go to this website www.yefonthemovie.com.Trust me she is a force to reckon with.Would love to work with her sometime in the future in achieving that little part of me that still loves acting.

Our newest AjuB client too Ruth Afanwi
my dear friend marvis who came back from Nigeria this hols and all she wanted was Aju B coutures swazz beats.Looks good on her
Moi doning Aju B couture yellow skirt wc btw is up for grabs so please tart the scramble.
Love you all dolls n till next time God bless

Friday, 13 July 2012

My customers,friends and I

Last weekend i was at Soa,Yaounde to give their orders cuz when you run a now-smale scale business you do door to door services.I was more than happy cuz they all loved their stuff.Thank you all
B4 I  start i want give u my look, pleeted skirt from asos (beats mr how i got that), headscarf from pieces, belt buy diesel
my fren came back from the States to visit home.Elodie and there she is at the far end

Two of my customers love their stuff?
My friend and customer who loves to keep things simple
Hope you enjoyed this gallery of pics love u all dolls

Friday, 29 June 2012

the "me,myself and I" cliche

There was a time on facebook that everyone did this thing that when they posted new pics,especially girls, they wud name the album 'me myself and I'.Truthfully almost everygurl on facebook have either a picture or an album entitled that.Its a cliche but its true cuz right now im giving you my own version of the me myself and I.This is soo because i literally took this pictures myself.You know when you live almost alone you run out of photographers and right now im in need of one so thats where the me comes in.I programmed my camera which btw is my new best friend, and it took all the shorts but it wud have done a better job if someone was holding it.
i love this playsuit its actually a gift from my bis sis
matched with my blazer too cute for words

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Im in love........with a blazer

I love me some blazers. The other day i went to mokolo and i saw this amazing navy blue jacket wc was to die for but thinking i was in bamenda or Buea where when you bargain a price and walk away the sales agents will actually call you back and give you the jacket at your price.Wrong!!!!!!!! I walked on and nobody followed me.
Then after walking round the market and discovering i couldn't get my mind off that hot blazer i returned and it was being bought right before my eyes.And sad to say i can't stop thinking about it? But i finally saw another white blazer which, suffise to say, is cute but not compared to that blazer.What do you think of it?
yeah i love me does shoes
That towel totally tried to steal my shot
i prefer the plantain stock to it tho? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
last week visited a fren at ................. and just love this pic of me gazing into the sky enjoying Yaounde
me and ma bestie.Deuces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The weekend dat was...........

This past weekend i had a visit from one of my oldest n dearest friends and of course we went out to catch some fun.We so ate a lot of meat that right now im still feeling the consequence
Me n ma bb Nadine

Rocking one of my pieces

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Baliing with the Lions

This weekend was one of the sickest weekends i have ever had.Trust me! my friend and i went out to drink and have fun at the cabaret ie El Pachinko in Yaounde and found ourselves at the club;Olympic Nite club at Djeuga Palace with our Cameroon footballers in the likes of Matti and Eric Moting, who btw scored the winning goal that same day qualifying us for the African Nations Cup.This nyte was sick, trust me!
Me and Eric Moting how cute is he/we?
wow!It was a really a great nyt
This was at djeuga last nyt
Me and Andongcho Matthew of The Indomitable Lions
My bestie n Matti
At El Pachinko in Esssomba n thats a different story for anoda day
What a fun nyt?
I had soo much fun and hope i press a repeat button on this nyte.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Yellow n Pink: A must do

Is strange how yday i actually doned a yellow shirt n pink belt n today on artbecomesyou.com Idylle posted all thes pics of pple doning the colour.Well it warmed my heart n i wanted to share it w you guyz
 btw yellow is soo my favorite color
i just realised that recently i have fallen in love w blue eye shadow. I dunno if its the colour craze or just a new love?
nothing but love for dis

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Whats a Weekend Without Spending it With Friends

Hey dolls, when weekend comes we all give a shout of hurray but whats a weekend without friends? Boring!!!!! So this weekend my friend n i hung out together and ofcourse there where pictures taken.

Pleeted skirt? Check! pink shoes? check! n to die for jacket? check not forgetting my white top? check n check!!!!!!!!!! and oh Keagan from BBA on the screen? Check!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 25 May 2012


Hey dolls, u know the most amazing thing about running a now smale scale business? Is that your friends are your greatest supporters and one of my dolls bought this shirt which i so loved and i wanted to share them pics with you all.

ow! i so love this pose it brings out the beauty of this shirt n btw nobody wud have worn it better than her.Trust me

How fierce is this AjuB shirt?

Well thats not all i have to offer today? I kinda have been in need of a photographer these days being lonely n all n so if i arent taking pics using a timer my mirror has been suffering so...............
Hmm not bad my timer!