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Monday, 17 September 2012

Sahndra Fon dufe in AjuB Couture

I know its been ages since i last posted to you all dolls.But i have a very good excuse for that, i think.Ok! i have been stressed out and been on the move for the past month plus im preparing for a concour thus giving me no time for you guyz.Hope you accept my apology.
 You guyz know Sahndra Fondufe ryt? she is a Cameroonian Actress causing waves in the states with her movie Yefon.She is the recent client to AjuB Couture and actually wore my design for Nigeria Entertainment Award.How kool is that?So i got some pics of her in all the Aju B wears she bought
Here is Sahndra at the New York Fashion week dressed in Aju B trousers and necklace.She looks great and nice colour matchup
Here is Sahndra supporting her co-star Uti Nwachukwu at the NEAs dressed in AjuB Couture.Must say AjuB looks good on her.
How gorgeous is she? Aju B Couture dress
Sahndra in AjuB jacket at an interview with Isaiah Washington.She is going places people
So to support her movie go to this website www.yefonthemovie.com.Trust me she is a force to reckon with.Would love to work with her sometime in the future in achieving that little part of me that still loves acting.

Our newest AjuB client too Ruth Afanwi
my dear friend marvis who came back from Nigeria this hols and all she wanted was Aju B coutures swazz beats.Looks good on her
Moi doning Aju B couture yellow skirt wc btw is up for grabs so please tart the scramble.
Love you all dolls n till next time God bless

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