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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Weekend In Douala

Have you ever planned a trip to another town on the weekend only to find out the person/people you are going to see suddenly travelled out of town leaving you stuck in a different city with no money n no where to go? Well that happened to me this weekend, and how i got myself out of this fix this weekend is still a mystery i haven't solved myself.
Anyways i came to Douala for a visit and though it didn't turn out as i expected(life never is), i still got to have fun thanks to someone who knows someone.Well while im trying to sort out my relationship woes (i.e finding out if i can have one finally) i want to share these pictures which i took with my friend at BOJ in Bonanjo,Douala wc are amazeballs ,the place and the pics.
At Boj in Bonanjo,Douala
me on the phone with my bestie Nadine who took almost all my time in grinding
The artwork at this place is soo amazing i had to show you guyz
People having fun at the bar
This place soo my kinda place,not too noisy just classy, not rowdy and best of all plays good music
Me and a good friend who helped me out Nde Donald
Shoes:Jessica Simpson
I'm soo loving this Lipstick from #Jacklyn soo sexy.Anyways this all i had time too i had to leave space for sipping on my cocktail n snacks.Goin back to Yaounde tomorrow till then good day n God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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