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Friday, 29 June 2012

the "me,myself and I" cliche

There was a time on facebook that everyone did this thing that when they posted new pics,especially girls, they wud name the album 'me myself and I'.Truthfully almost everygurl on facebook have either a picture or an album entitled that.Its a cliche but its true cuz right now im giving you my own version of the me myself and I.This is soo because i literally took this pictures myself.You know when you live almost alone you run out of photographers and right now im in need of one so thats where the me comes in.I programmed my camera which btw is my new best friend, and it took all the shorts but it wud have done a better job if someone was holding it.
i love this playsuit its actually a gift from my bis sis
matched with my blazer too cute for words


Anonymous said...

love love love dis doll

Nancy Seino said...

thanks doll

Anonymous said...

Wonderful looking