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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Im in love........with a blazer

I love me some blazers. The other day i went to mokolo and i saw this amazing navy blue jacket wc was to die for but thinking i was in bamenda or Buea where when you bargain a price and walk away the sales agents will actually call you back and give you the jacket at your price.Wrong!!!!!!!! I walked on and nobody followed me.
Then after walking round the market and discovering i couldn't get my mind off that hot blazer i returned and it was being bought right before my eyes.And sad to say i can't stop thinking about it? But i finally saw another white blazer which, suffise to say, is cute but not compared to that blazer.What do you think of it?
yeah i love me does shoes
That towel totally tried to steal my shot
i prefer the plantain stock to it tho? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
last week visited a fren at ................. and just love this pic of me gazing into the sky enjoying Yaounde
me and ma bestie.Deuces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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