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This is Nancy Seino, Designer and owner of label Aju B Couture.
Welcome to my blog and to being a part of a journey that only God knows where it would take me.Remember to always check back and wish me luck on my journey.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 25 May 2012


Hey dolls, u know the most amazing thing about running a now smale scale business? Is that your friends are your greatest supporters and one of my dolls bought this shirt which i so loved and i wanted to share them pics with you all.

ow! i so love this pose it brings out the beauty of this shirt n btw nobody wud have worn it better than her.Trust me

How fierce is this AjuB shirt?

Well thats not all i have to offer today? I kinda have been in need of a photographer these days being lonely n all n so if i arent taking pics using a timer my mirror has been suffering so...............
Hmm not bad my timer!


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