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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Last week.....................

Last week started of being really great and then ended up with a lot of disappointments. I finally didn go for my P square concert. What a shocker! After all the preparations and i even made a yellow skirt wc btw is on sale and its to die for.But that didn stp me from canoning my way thru the week and i hpe you enjoy dis new collection of pics.
that pic was probably the last of that day after my girl n i had taken a montage round yde
there's one of my besties we were on our way for a tour round yde
i decided to keep it simple w de sun doing danger to my coplxion w a cos gown/top n diesel belt n de rest u know.........;
This day ended with us goin to eat ice cream after a blistering day under the sun n rain
vanilla flavour n chocolate yummy!

i was beat
The next day was a tiring day too as i well started sewing n came back late n then de dissapointments startd
i love dis pic
i was dressed like this in my One Street denim shrt n Aju B skirt preping for Psquare concert.It was a windy day
It was about to rain one disappointment
n btw my shoes are by Jessica Simpson love 'em
Aju B skirt love it

I guess im done for now.Ciao n lov u dolls

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