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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fun During the Jeux Universitaire

Hey dolls, i know that the university games, which took place in Buea,Cameroon isnt over but i wanted to share some fun pics i took during this period n some while rocking AjuB.There was a lot of creativity and fun stuff going on here, n honestly its like 1am and it feels like 3pm in the afternoon.

                  Lemme start with some pics of me doning Aju B 
Enough with my cute Aju B shorts n chain now into the games proper

i dunno what parade this was by IENJS but i guess it was some kinda ritual in preparation for their match.And that not all as they were others

some exhibition by anoda skul
i just had to havw fun with this elephant built to represent all the universities and institutions taking part in the games.

Even Christianity was displayed during the games as i found young girls preaching the word of God.Believe me! i was soo impressed cuz God is the ultimate.
 drama came to life at the Games as the was a live performance by 'i dunno the skul' and it was fun

of course we had to have fun and thats one of my besties Nadine she came alon w me for de ride.

i had to get in in the gaming spirit lol

ofcourse i won a meagre 300frs but it was fun
and finally cotton candy time lol!.Hope you all had fun as much as i did reding this n i will update you on others.Bye dolls mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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