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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!! #AJUBCOUTURE

Happy New Year, Easter, and all Holiday passed rolled into one.  know i have been a bad blogger and abandonned you all for soo soo long.But believe me i have a good excuse...... i think!!!!!!!!! Been busy with school which by the way is soo stressful and balancing life in a new and ridiculous environment. Well, This past January i participated in my first fashion show which Aju B Couture would love to share her pics with you.
I love these chains and you can get them from www.facebook.com/AjuBCouture ie moi
 Love these shorts
Me n my models
Model wearing the chunky necklace
This is all for now.Hope you enjoyed it and will keep you posted soon.Love you all and God Bless

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