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This is Nancy Seino, Designer and owner of label Aju B Couture.
Welcome to my blog and to being a part of a journey that only God knows where it would take me.Remember to always check back and wish me luck on my journey.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

My customers,friends and I

Last weekend i was at Soa,Yaounde to give their orders cuz when you run a now-smale scale business you do door to door services.I was more than happy cuz they all loved their stuff.Thank you all
B4 I  start i want give u my look, pleeted skirt from asos (beats mr how i got that), headscarf from pieces, belt buy diesel
my fren came back from the States to visit home.Elodie and there she is at the far end

Two of my customers love their stuff?
My friend and customer who loves to keep things simple
Hope you enjoyed this gallery of pics love u all dolls


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